Paradoxes & Strange Attractors

Here are some of the paradoxes, wicked questions, and transitions that hold our curiosity. And, a collection of unusual, strange, and oblique influences on our work:

Hope ~ Despair

Deliberate ~ Accidental

Investigating the relationship between images, words, metaphors, language, and movement

Our work is influenced by motley collection of artists, cartoonists, philosophers, and makers. Many of them share an interest in the entangled ways we communicate, make sense of our experience, and sensually interact with the world around us. Some of the people we owe a deep bow of gratitude to include:

  • Keith McCandless & Henri Lipmanowicz, who have invested countlessly in our development as practitioners and people
  • Brenda Zimmerman, who started making complexity science practical early on
  • Nick Sousanis, who introduced the notion of Unflattening in his stunning Ph.D. dissertation by that title.
  • Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Bifo Berardi and others studying semiotics
  • Lynda Barry & Ivan Brunetti
  • Nancy Stark Smith
  • Gareth Morgan
  • David Abram
  • Jane Jacobs
  • Joanna Macy