Liberating Structures

We frequently offer and participate in Liberating Structures (LS) immersion learning experiences like workshops, investigative sessions to explore a particular developmental area of LS practice, or local User Groups. 

We've made a commitment to the Creative Commons licensing of LS and to carry on the generosity of Keith & Henri. For us that means continuously contributing ideas for new structures, making available materials that we develop for our own (and others) practice, and offering 1:1 time to any practitioner who wants to advance their own use of the repertoire. 

We would be thrilled to spend some time with you exploring our own practice with LS, helping you consider different design options, or reflecting on a recent experience that you want to debrief. Just get in touch and we'll schedule a short session.

Below you can find some of the LS-related things we've been involved with, helped develop, or find valuable in our own developmental relationship to the work:

New Liberating Structures (and other generative interaction patterns) in development

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Online LS Communities:




LS User Group & Communities of Practice



Liberating Lean Webpage

Other LS Practitioners

Nancy White

Anna Jackson

Neil McCarthy

Tim Jaasko-Fisher

Shannon Patterson

Liz Rykert

John Perkins

Maggie Chumbley

Sylvia Taylor

Johannes Schartau

Calendar of upcoming Ls related activities

Open Public Workshops

Other Learning Experiences

Local (Seattle) Experimental & Investigative Sessions

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Online Archive of LS-related files, materials, workshops slides, and other creative commons/open source resources

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